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Starter kit with nail polish – Stamping System Moyra

Starter kit with nail polish – Stamping System Moyra


Basic kit of Moyra products for creating nail art with stamping system. Composed of:
– 1 stamping plate selectable from those proposed
– 1 stamping enamel selectable from those offered
– 1 stamper n.11
– 1 scraper
– 1 liquid to clean the stamping plate
– 1 adhesive roller for stamper cleaning



Upon first use, remove the blue film from the plate and clean it 2-3 times with the appropriate plate cleaner, dry with a clean pad.
Choose the design and apply a strip of nail polish, foil polish or stamping gel polish (the use of specific products for the stamping technique is recommended).
Remove excess product using the scraper.
Using the stamper, take the design quickly to prevent the nail polish from drying and transfer it to the surface of the nail.
Seal the nail with a top coat.

After use, clean the plate and the scraper with the plate cleaner, clean the stamper with the appropriate roller.

Large size: 9.5 x 14.5 cm.


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