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French manicure

Take advantage of our experience, join us.
Earn up to 20% for every purchase you make.
No costs for you, only guaranteed earnings!


Signing up is free and simple; We won't ask you for any sensitive data, you can start selling immediately.


Choose from our products what to advertise to your customers.

Whether you have a large network, a content site, you're a social media influencer or a blogger, we have simple tools that can meet your advertising needs and help you monetize.

Earn money

Get up to 20% in commissions on your referrals.

You earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, on any product purchased, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

Become an affiliate

Through the Nail Shop and Beauty Affiliate Partner Program, if you want to earn money by offering our products to your contacts, followers, etc. you can do this very easily using the referral link creation tool.

You can direct potential buyers to our online store, earning attractive commissions for every purchase they make.

You will be able to have an AFFILIATE NOTICEBOARD, accessible through personalized credentials, and monitor the sales made and the total amount of commissions accrued.

The sale of our products and services can be carried out via a website or via any other communication channel (social media, email list, etc.).

How does the Affiliate Partner Program work?
Sign up for the Nail Shop and Beauty Affiliate Program for free.
Direct potential customers to our portal.

You can promote and advertise all our products through a special banner to insert on your site, or through affiliate links that you can create independently with a very simple creation tool.
Earn commissions of up to 20% for every successful customer purchase.
Monitor your earnings through your AFFILIATE NOTICEBOARD and collect your earnings whenever you want.


What are the benefits of the Nail Shop and Beauty affiliate program?
High earning potential: For every sale made through your network, you will receive a commission of up to 20%. The more sales you make, the more you will earn!
Large product catalogue:we offer Nail products and services of the highest quality. The Moyra brand is a world leader.
Manage your earnings directly: our affiliate platform allows you to constantly monitor your earnings and view the progress of your performance through the "affiliate dashboard".

All your referrals in one place.
Keep an eye on your ongoing referrals from adashboardeasy to use.

See immediately how much you are earning. 

Everything is collected in one place so you can easily track your progress.
Good work does not go unnoticed: by reaching the sales target, you can significantly increase profits.

We are here to help you: Our support team is always available to help you resolve any service-related issues.

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