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Stamper Moyra n.13 Duo-Clear

Stamper Moyra n.13 Duo-Clear


The completely transparent print head and body allow for perfect positioning, looking through the handle we can clearly see the place where the print is placed. It is crystal clear and does not even cast a shadow on the surface to be printed. Two print heads of different sizes are suitable for taking even small drawings. Its practical caps protect the print heads from damage and dirt.


The material of the stamp head is a special silicone, which should not be dabbed or rubbed with acetone, because it makes it dull. Use an adhesive roller for cleaning. Handle it very carefully, removing it from the handle as few times as possible so that the bottom and edge of the silicone head are not damaged. The body of the Stamper is made of clear plastic for the clearest and sharpest view possible. However, this material is very delicate and should be kept away from all solvents (e.g. acetone, acetone-free nail polish remover). We recommend cleaning with warm water and soap or alcohol.

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