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Moyra stamper n.12 transparent Pixl

Moyra stamper n.12 transparent Pixl

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Ultra-precise positioning, symmetrical designs, layered stamping: it all becomes very simple thanks to the Moyra piXL Clear, Ice Clear and Clear Vision stampers. The innovative transparent heads allow you to have a clear view of where to place the drawing precisely. These heads are made of a particular material, a crystalline silicone, very delicate, there is no need to mattify them, with the exception of n.11. Too intense pressure can cause them to break or cut the edges, so we recommend leaving them in their container body when cleaning and protecting them with their cap after use, to avoid any type of damage. To clean, always use a lint roller or Moyra 2:1 Cleaner.

We suggest cleaning the plastic part of the stamper with warm water and soap or alcohol.

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