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Stamper Moyra n.15 Supersizer

Stamper Moyra n.15 Supersizer


Are your nails too small or too long? Shrink or enlarge samples of any of our plates with the help of our size-changing Supersizer Stamper! With the movable print head, it doesn't matter how long or wide your nails are, as you can resize your favorite print designs to your liking! The transparent print head helps with correct positioning. For easier execution, use slow-drying Moyra Smart printing varnishes.


The clear plastic part of the stamper's silicone head and handle becomes opaque when in contact with nail polish remover and straightener cleaner, so stay away from these materials! Use a sticky roller or alcohol to clean the head. Handle the silicone head with care, preferably do not remove it from the handle. Keep away from children!

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